Be a Gold Digger, Suzanne

Inspired by an article in Oh Magazine about creating art from things that you find around the house, and Jessica Salfia’s found poem called ‘The First Lines of Emails I’ve Received While Quarantining‘, I thought I’d create my own found poem, using the subject lines of emails that I received from gambling websites over the past year.

I think it perfectly encapsulates many of the findings that I’m currently writing up in my PhD, about how the gambling industry advertises to women.

Be a Gold Digger, Suzanne

Your free £5 bonus is waiting…
Last chance to claim your free £5!
Win every day this month, Suzanne
Top o’ the money to ya
Treat yourself to free spins fun!

Suzanne, fancy a free fiver?

£25,000 Full House prize will be won tonight!
We’ve dropped something new…
Summer starts here
You’re invited!
Bank Holiday blowout!

Suzanne, £30k will be won tonight!

There’s a goldmine of Free Spins here
50 Spins up for grabs
There’s a free cash surprise in your account, Suzanne
You’ve got Free Spins waiting for you
Free Spins are still here…

Suzanne, come back this weekend for all this…

£20,000 Full House at 10pm!
Only TWO days to go!
Bingo bells, bingo bells…
It’s not over yet…
The gates are open!

Suzanne, it’s the final!

£25,000 Full House tonight!
Boo! We’ve got a surprise for you
Will your stars align, Suzanne?
Christmas has come early!
£20k Full House every night!

Suzanne, where have you been?

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