I’m Soooo Lucky!

“We’re so lucky to live here” she said. I was talking to a friend about how lovely it is to live in Cornwall, and not a big city, especially during all the lockdown stress of the past few months. “I’m not lucky” I said. Fortunate, yes. But being lucky implies that I don’t have any […]

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What am I doing here?

So, it’s always a tall order to write the first post on a blog that’s been abandoned for nearly three years. There isn’t really much point in updating you, the reader, on what I’ve been up to as, first, there are no regular readers, and second, well, it just seems a bit pointless. I did […]

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While the kids are away…

It’s the third day of the summer holidays so by now, like most parents, I should probably be posting pictures on Instagram of me and the kids doing some fun activity or moaning on Facebook about how they’re bored already and I can’t believe there are still 6 weeks to go. But I’m not doing either, because on Saturday I drove my boys 140 miles, dropped them in a KFC car park, and haven’t seen them since.

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Me and Sugar

Last week I promised a blog post to more fully explain the reasons I want to give up sugar and my difficulties with doing so. This is that post. But before I start it might be worth updating how my first week has gone. The answer is not so well. Awful, in fact. So bad […]

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