In 2014 I hosted a podcast called Maternity Leavers Interviews where I interviewed women who had changed their careers after having children.

The podcast ran for 24 episodes and was the inspiration for the book I wrote a couple of years later.

The original podcast is no longer hosted on iTunes, but I’ve added a couple of the episodes here as an example of my work. (Please note, all links and offers mentioned are long since dead!)

Maternity Leavers Interviews Podcast Episode 20 – Nicola Semple, business coach
Maternity Leavers Interviews Podcast Episode 21 – Pippa Best, Story of Mum

Sometimes I was a guest on other podcasts, as with the Irish Times Women’s Podcast who interviewed me about my book in 2017.

And the Marc Jeffrey Podcast Show where I was interviewed about my gambling research in 2019