My Research

Women and Online Gambling

My current research looks at the experiences of women who play slots and bingo online. I started researching online bingo in 2017 for my MSc Criminology, and this led onto my PhD, also under Criminology, but really (as with much about Criminology) encompassing Sociology, Philosophy, and Anthropology, among other related disciplines.

To date, I’ve analysed advertising and website content, to see how the gambling industry targets women in its slots and bingo marketing, and I’ve also looked at how chat rooms are used on the same websites.

Currently, I’m interviewing women about their experiences of playing online slots and bingo. So if you consider yourself a slots or bingo player (or have in the past) I’d love to include you in my research. I’ve made a (hopefully very) convenient information and consent form, and I can offer a £20 Amazon voucher as a thank you for your time.

This is a presentation that I was due to give at a conference in March 2020, that never happened. The research has moved on significantly since I made this, but it is still a good overview of what I’m focusing on.