I’ve always been a writer. Throughout most of my teenage years I swung between wanting to be a novelist and a journalist, but didn’t meaningfully pursue either once I reached adulthood.

The career I had in my 20s and early 30s was varied, unconventional, and bogged down with my unfulfilled potential. And when I say varied and unconventional, I don’t mean the jobs themselves (which were anything but) but my tendency to hop from one job to another and the way I saw 3 years in one place as long service.

After becoming a parent in 2010, I ditched conventional employment in favour of self employment, and in the following few years I did consulting, copywriting, training, podcasting, blogging, coaching, storytelling, trading, studying, writing, and probably more.

But I always came back to writing. In December 2016 my first book was published (and promptly won an award). Maternity Leavers: What to do about work now you’re a mum is a collection of advice and inspiration for women who want to change their career in some way after having children. I was also a Huffington Post blogger for a few years where I wrote mainly about parenting and careers (although there are a few random posts on there about EU VAT and voting too). And I’m very proud of the honest and personal post I wrote for Tiny Buddha about leaving my husband.

Nowadays, I’m mainly working on writing my PhD thesis but I intend to publish more articles and books, particularly related to my research in the area of women’s leisure and gambling.

P.S. Finding time and space to write can be challenging, but finding time and space to *think* about what you’re going to write is the far greater challenge.
Thinking Time is my regular(ish) letter about productivity, positivity, and (ugh) procrastination, and is dedicated to writers and students who want to get more (thoughtful) writing done.